Solvent Recovery Systems

Solvent Recyclers, Parts Washers, and Wastewater Treatment Systems–
New and Used Machine Sales, Parts and Service

  • New, used, and refurbished solvent recycling equipment, new and refurbished industrial wastewater treatment systems, and cleaning systems built to fit your needs. Click here to view used machines in stock.
  • Siva repair parts, technical support, circuit board repair and liners (including Recyclene solvent recovery machines)
  • Solvent recovery bags, or solvent recycling bags (distilling bags): Solvent recovery bags are available for all sizes and machines. Solvent recovery bags are sometimes referred to as solvent recycler bags. Solvent recycler bags are available in high-temp nylon. Teflon solvent recovery bags and liners are also available for some units.
  • Filters, soaps, parts, and service

Solvent Recovery Systems advantages:

  • Reduce your solvent disposal costs and wastewater treatment surcharges
  • 1 year or better payback on most solvent recycling units
  • Solvent recyclers sized to meet the needs of small users, and the largest industrial plants.
  • With new, used, and refurbished solvent recyclers, we can usually find a system to fit your budget.
  • Technical help with setting up and training to use the solvent recycling systems, parts washers, and wastewater treatment systems we sell.
  • We won’t forget you after the sale.

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