Beckart Wastewater Treatment Systems

Specialists in Industrial Pre-Treatment

Beckart Wastewater Treatment Systems Feature:

  • A proven chemical-physical process to remove heavy metals, oils, pigments, and solids from your wastewater.
  • Yield is a clear filtrate, and a residual cake, which is landfill able in most cases.
  • Intelligent process control, is flexible, intelligent, and user friendly. It makes its own chemical and engineering decisions to effectively process your waste stream.
  • Our lab continually researches the latest chemical technologies, and can perform a full range of treat ability, cost to treat, and sludge generation studies.
  • Beckart is a pioneer in closed loop systems. Wastewater is treated and reused in plant processes.
  • Treatment chemicals are custom mixed for your particular waste stream, and are available in drum, tote, and bulk quantities.

Is a wastewater treatment system looming in the future for your company? Starting to hear phrases like closed loop, zero discharge, and turnkey systems? Has your consultant submitted an enormous bill and you are still without one piece of equipment? Please contact the wastewater and – wastewater only – specialists at Beckart.

It could be a new system, retrofitting an existing system, or maybe your operating costs are just too high. We have over 20 years experience at removal of heavy metals (Zinc, copper, chrome, etc) and oil & grease reduction. This can usually be accomplished with minimal use of proprietary chemicals. With 1,200 systems installed worldwide, from die casters to titanium mines to corrugators, Beckart does it better at quoting and installing a correctly sized system. Our lab can quickly determine if your water is most efficiently treated with DAF, settling, biological (aerobic and anaerobic) or evaporation. The system can be situated by our own installation crews, your personnel trained by our techs, and the entire system monitored by modem from our factory.

If you have dirty water from parts washers, floor sweepers, inks, adhesives, die casting lubes or oil & grease from food processing, you may have to give industrial pretreatment time for study. Let us help you make it a quick study. If you’ve gotten a N.O.V. (Notice of Violation) its time to be pro-active. We can give you a prompt quote for the right technology…correctly sized.

Dirty water goes into the Beckart Wastewater System, clean water goes to the drain or for reuse. The contaminants are de-watered into a cake that can be disposed of at a landfill. Metal limits and Oil & Grease numbers can be guaranteed in writing. Just from a fiduciary point of view, you should give us that one call. If you are located in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri or Mississippi, we’ll make a field visit and have a quote on your desk within 2 weeks. Would you and your people like to see a working system? Give us a call and we’ll arrange a visit to a working system.

Call Ryan at (479) 439-0483 or email, to find out more about which Beckart wastewater treatment product can solve your wastewater problems.

Beckart wastewater systems can handle the largest industrial applications.

ADF Systems LTD Commercial Part Washers

Solvent-Free Cleaning

Aqueous based parts washers can eliminate your solvent cleaning operations.

  • ADF washers are safe and cost effective solutions for your parts cleaning operations.
  • High pressure (750 psi.), hot water, and stainless steel make ADF units unique.
  • The detergent includes a rust preventative.
  • Safety and health problems, associated with solvents are eliminated.
  • Filtered solution means cleaner parts.
  • Systems sized for small operations and the largest industrial plants.

Solvent Recovery Systems is factory trained in the installation and service of all ADF products. ADF makes a product to solve your parts cleaning problems.