Siva repair parts, liners, technical support, and circuit board repair

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As a distributor of Siva solvent distillation equipment (mfg ended in 2003) Solvent Recovery Systems has a knowledge base and parts inventory built up since 1984.

We can usually help troubleshoot problems on the phone and if a repair part is needed get it shipped with quick turnaround.

We can repair your circuit and logic boards, we also have new and used boards in stock.

New and used parts available:

  • operations manuals
  • lid gaskets
  • circuit/logic boards
  • heat transfer oil
  • technical advice and troubleshooting
  • nylon distilling bags, nylon and teflon flat liners
  • heavy duty liners (formed bags, fiberglass/teflon)
  • repair and service
  • heating elements
  • condensers
  • Stainless steel solvent transfer hoses
  • vacuum pumps

Siva and Recyclene Models

  • R-2
  • S-10(V)
  • S-15
  • S-30
  • RS-20
  • RS-35
  • D-15
  • D-35
  • D-55
  • M-60
  • M-110

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Phone: (479)439-0483

Fax: (888)701-6180

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