Waste Reduction Tax Break in Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma offers a 20% tax credit toward the cost of equipment for the reduction of hazardous waste. Visit the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality’s website for more information and to download an application and other documents relating to this tax credit.

The following criteria for approval of the tax credit are taken from the Oklahoma DEQ website.

252:205-17-4. Criteria for approval of tax credit

To qualify for approval of a tax credit under this subchapter:

  1. The tax credit must be taken within three years of the installation and initial use of the facility.
  2. The proposed facility or equipment must have been previously demonstrated to be effective and to perform as specified unless unproven technology procedures are followed in accordance with 252:205-17-5.
  3. The facility must be physically located in the State of Oklahoma.

Agency note: There is no minimum amount of a hazardous waste which must be recycled, reused or reduced.